College Plus Helps Homeschoolers Earn Credit and Degrees

I first heard about College Plus a couple of years ago. Since then I know students personally who are using this system. One student completed a year of college in about 5 months and she had never taken a college course before in her life!

Who is College Plus Anyways?

college plus

They are a distance learning program that is Christian based. They help students earn a bachelor's degree that is fully accredited. Not only do students earn this degree, they also earn it in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost of what they would normally pay to earn a degree at a traditional college.

How it works:

When you first enroll in this program your degree coach will contact you and guide you through the process of choosing what degree you will be working on. They they help you get started with college study skills. There is a whole course that you go through to help you know how to study (including speed reading). Once you complete the study skills, then your coach will help you start choosing and studying for CLEP tests.

The process of taking CLEP tests usually lasts about 1-2 years depending on how fast you study and get the tests taken.

When this part of the process is done, then you enroll in an distance learning college where you complete the rest of your college classes online. At this point you graduate with a fully accredited bachelor's degree in much less time and for much less money than the traditional college students.

To get a free ebook that explains this process even further, just fill out the information at here and see how this type of learning can benefit you or your student. The packet contains videos and audio from live speaking events too.

If you mention this Homeschool How To website, you get a $50 discount on CollegePlus and a $35 discount on CollegePrep.

Student Loan Debt or Freedom?

This whole process just makes so much sense. Who wants to be loaded with a bunch of student loans that can total well over $100,000? We now have many more options available for college degrees that we didn't have 10 or 20 years ago.

High School Options:

homeschool college

The best part, is that your student can use this program during high school too! Instead of being worried about whether your child is getting enough coursework in for college, they can be TAKING actual college courses AND earning high school credit at the same time. They can do this all at their own pace.

With the free ebook you will get an idea of what CollegePlus costs, see all the majors that you have to choose from, find out what it takes to study for and take a CLEP exam, and understand how the whole process works (and don't forget the discounts!).

More free ebooks!

  • Homeschool to Grad School ebook at the College Plus Website.
  • The Official Homeschooler's Guide to Dual Credit also at the College Plus Website.