Homeschool College

homeschool college

The subject of homeschool college comes up as soon as a student enters high school or sometimes even years before that. Some people would like to continue homeschooling their child into college and some people want to know the answer to the question “What about College?” Do I send my child down the street or to another state? What do I do about ACT and SAT testing and how do we prepare?

Starting out with a good homeschool high school planner along with instructions on how to make out homeschool transcripts can make the high school years much easier. When you have a plan of what you are shooting for and know what courses you are taking each year, then you don’t have to be quite as fearful about whether you are covering all the right subjects.

There are lists of homeschool friendly colleges that can help give you an idea of some of the colleges that like to accept homeschoolers. These lists are not all-inclusive, but give you a place to start. Just because the college you are looking at is not on the list doesn’t mean that they are not friendly to homeschoolers. It just means they didn’t get on the list.

If you want to homeschool college, then there are also options available for that too. Many homeschoolers even learn how to homeschool college by taking college courses from home as part of their high school requirements. They can earn high school and college credit at the same time! You can try to do it on your own, but I find it is much easier when you use a program that knows what they are doing and are able to help give your student some direction on what major to choose, how to study, and how to get a college degree in as little as 2 years!

College Plus is the program that I recommend. I have worked with this company and have seen it used very successfully. You can get more information from College Plus by entering your information on their site. You will then receive a free ebook plus video and audio access explaining how the whole program works.

Now there are also many online degree programs that can be attended from the ease and convenience of your home.

The thought of college doesn’t have to cause fear and stress for your family. You just take it one step at a time. Get a plan for high school and follow through with that plan.

Free Resources

The Official Homeschoolers' Guide to Dual Credit  - Find out how combining high school and college can set your student on the path to success. This is a free ebook provided by College Plus. (type "free ebook" in search box at College Plus site)

How Homeschoolers Use the iPad to Unlock Learning Breakthroughs in Math, Science, History, and Literature. (type "ipad" in search box on College Plus site)

Free CLEP Practice Tests (click link at bottom right side of College Plus website).

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