Finding Used Abeka Books for the Best Prices

Since Abeka curriculum is so popular, used Abeka books are fairly easy to find. Here are some tips on finding the best books at the best prices.

used abeka books

The best places to find books are on the Internet, from people you know, and used curriculum fairs in your area.

On the Internet you can look at places like eBay and Amazon where people are able to sell their own Abeka books. Amazon lets people choose the price they would like to sell their item while eBay lets them choose the minimum price they would like and the price can go up from there. If you want a quick transaction, you might want to go with a website that has a set price like Amazon or

If you like to take your chances, you can use eBay. You might get a good deal there or you might end up competing with others to get the book or set that you want.

abeka homeschool books

If you know people in a homeschool group or from your church that use Abeka, you can ask them if you can either purchase or borrow the books they are not using. Sometimes moms are willing to share books if they have children that are not using them right now but have other children that will use them in the future.

You could also set up a swap system where you purchase one years worth of curriculum and another family purchases another year and then you swap curriculum after one year of use.

What to Look For When Purchasing Used Abeka Books:

  1. Is there writing in the book?
  2. What is the condition of the cover of the book?
  3. Does the book come from a home with pets or smoking? This is important to think about if anyone in your family has allergies. Sometimes it can be annoying to get a book that smells like smoke even if you're not allergic to it.
  4. What edition is the book? Does it match up with any other parts of the curriculum that you might own? Do you need a certain edition or does it not matter to you?
  5. Are all the parts there? If you are purchasing a complete grade kit, is there anything else that you will need to purchase to complete the set? Does the kit include the student workbooks and all manuals?

You can save a great deal of money on homeschooling if you are willing to purchase used Abeka books. You can use parts of the Abeka curriculum or a complete set.

Although Abeka is preferred by many parents, it is not the only option you have for homeschooling. There are many other curriculums and methods of homeschooling that work just as well, if not better, than Abeka for many families.

Before you purchase Abeka, look over homeschool reviews, your child's learning style, your teaching style, and your goals for homeschooling.