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With Abeka Books you can purchase books, DVDs, textbooks in kits or individually. If you need lots of hand holding and have the money to spare, then a fully accredited program where Abeka gives grades and tells you exactly what to say and do, might be for you.

If you like to choose your own materials and pick only what you think you will need, then Abeka has an a la carte option where you can do that. 

Facts about Abeka Books that you should know:

The Bible is taught through all subjects - Whether you teach Bible or math, there will be Bible verses and Bible character qualities woven through the whole curriculum.

Parent and Student Kits - All the kits in Abeka are listed at 10% off the price if you had purchased them each separately. The parent kit includes, teacher manuals, test and answer keys to tests and workbooks, and charts and games if used for that grade. Plus there are more supplemental materials you can purchase above and beyond the regular kit.

The student kit includes all readers, textbooks, and workbooks that a student would need for each subject.

Accredited or Non-accredited Program - Abeka has several programs to choose from. You can use a video program with Abeka Academy or just choose your own materials. Check Abeka homeschool options for more information about those.

Shipping - All orders are shipped by United Parcel Service and are assessed a 12% shipping charge.

Changes - Abeka sometimes change the order and content of their textbooks and workbooks. Some books get changed more than others. If you purchase an older edition on eBay or Amazon, be sure you check to make sure it is an edition that you want.

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Report Cards and Record Keeping - If you prefer for Abeka to keep track of your report cards and classes that your child has taken, then you will need to register (and pay extra) for that service.

Higher Burnout Rate - Many parents just rave about Abeka and others end up hating it. Abeka tends to be about 1 grade level higher than the public school curriculum. If your child is an average student, has learning disabilities, is more of a hands on learner, or hates workbooks and textbooks, then you might want to think again about using Abeka books. I have met more parents who sent their children back to school after using Abeka than any other curriculum or method of homeschooling.

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