Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Choices, Options and Tips

Many parents look for a homeschool preschool curriculum because they think they need some sort of script to be able to teach their child. There are several curriculum providers that have preschool curriculum packages available.

ABCMouse is an online program for Preschool through Kindergarten. They offer a full online homeschool preschool curriculum with more than 350 lessons in the all the core subjects plus electives. The lessons incorporate videos, songs, puzzles, games and printables. Parents can select activities for their children based on their child's interests and needs. Parents can track student progress and implement a ticket and rewards system if they choose. The cost is just $7.95 per month.

Sonlight -They provide many Usborne books and resources along with a daily guide of what to read and do each day.

Alpha Omega - Their Horizons program has homeschool preschool curriculum along with multimedia resources too.

In my opinion, parents just need resources for preschool. Curriculum packages can often lead to burnout. Up until now parents probably just interacted with their children and taught them everything they needed to know in a natural learning environment. Did the parent purchase a talking curriculum, eating curriculum, walking curriculum? No, these things were all taught in the normal course of a day working a little bit at a time until the child became proficient. Parents have been taught that they need a professional teacher or curriculum to take their child beyond age 3. In fact, many parents can give their children a much better education than any homeschool preschool curriculum can provide.

What do you do? You use resources! You have used resources to teach your child what they know now, and you can continue to do that in the future. Don't worry about a script. Life doesn't have a script. Ask God to help you know what to use. He knows you and your child better than anyone.

You might be asking, "What do I do all day if I don't use a homeschool preschool curriculum?"

Here are some suggestions:

1. Read to your child - Use the library or purchase good books that you can have on hand at home. My children learned a TON of material from children's picture books. I believe that picture books can be used almost exclusively for preschool through mid-elementary years. You can check Homeschool Social Studies and Homeschool Science for lots of ideas for books to read.

2. Play games with them - Children learn lots of valuable skills while playing games. Check homeschool games to get a list of our favorites.

3. Let them work with you - When you are cooking, cleaning, working outside, choosing items in the grocery store, or taking meals to others, your child can help you and feel like they are a valuable member of society. Cooking eggs is just about the easiest way to help your child feel like an accomplished chef. They cook so quickly and can be cooked in many different forms.

4. Answer their questions and take them to interesting places - To a preschooler, the post office can be an interesting place. Is there a construction site near your home? Take them there and talk about everything they see there. When you are going about your day and your child asks a question, either write it down and look it up later or find a book or website that can help answer their questions.

5. Use Resources - I've written a book called 101 Activities Parents Can Do With Their Preschool ChildIt will give you TONS of ideas of what to do with your child and how to create a fun AND educational environment so your child can thrive.

Here are some of the best places to purchase homeschool resources:

Christian Book Distributors has all kinds of books and resources available for preschool. We loved all the Explode the Code books and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

Scholastic Books are a wonderful source of fun childrens books and resources.

Teacher Created Resources have lots of parent helps and fun activity books for children from preschool through 8th grade.

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