Home Schooling Information for New and Veteran Homeschoolers

If you're looking for home schooling information, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are getting started with homeschooling or whether you've been homeschooling for a while and are looking for some new ideas, you can find what you need here. Although there is lots of information available on the internet, it's not always easy to find all the information you need in an organized and easy to read format. Here are some pages to help you get started.

Home schooling information for new homeschoolers:

home schooling information
  1. State Homeschool Laws - Find out the laws in your state and how to legally homeschool.
  2. Learning Style Information - The more you know about your child's learning style, the more you will know which books and resources you should buy to help them learn best.
  3. Free Homeschool Planner - It's easy to get bogged down by all the curriculum choices out there. Use this simple planner to help you organize all your choices and make a good decision on what you should do for each subject.
  4. Subjects - Here are all the subjects associated with learning and some of my recommendations for each.

Read more about how to start homeschooling.

Veteran Homeschoolers:

  1. Home School Resources - How to get a fresh look at what you need for homeschooling.
  2. Homeschool Supplies - What homeschool supplies do you need and what can you use to ignite learning at your house.
  3. Homeschool Programs - What kind of programs are available that you might not have seen before?
  4. Homeschool Curriculum Reviews - Read this huge list of reviews for books and programs that you might not know about. You can also add your reviews here if you have had a good or bad experience and want to help other homeschoolers avoid burnout.
  5. Home School Articles - Get some fresh ideas and encouragement from reading this list of articles about homeschooling.
  6. How to Homeschool and Save Money - Here are my top tips on saving money while homeschooling.
  7. Getting Organized - Find the right method for you at home school supplies. These are my top tips on how to get and stay organized and sane.
  8. Avoiding Homeschool Burnout - Here is my best advice for how to avoid burnout and even have a great year.

I hope this home schooling information has been helpful to you. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to ask me.