Bad Things About Homeschooling Easy to Overcome

When thinking about the bad things about homeschooling, several issues come to mind that will be discussed here. Homeschool parents have to deal with many issues when dealing with their children and other people who might disagree with homeschooling.

Dealing with the bad things about homeschooling

bad things about homeschooling

Unsupportive family members or other people who criticize homeschooling - If your own parents or in-laws are against homeschooling and voice their opinions openly, this can cause a great deal of tension. This makes the pressure to succeed even greater.

Organizing your time - Some days you may feel disorganized and out of focus. If you follow a loose schedule and block out parts of your day for homeschooling and housework, you can usually work through these issues.

Expenses - It would be great if we could use the tax dollars that we pay for public schools and transfer that to be able to use for homeschool curriculum. Some states have this system and parents just love it. Although homeschooling can be expensive, there ARE ways to homeschool for free or almost free. It does take a bit of research and time to choose the best curriculum and books for your homeschool budget, but it's all worth it in the end. You can buy used curriculum and books and then sellthem when you are done. You can also purchase inexpensive homeschool books that are just as good in quality as the more expensive options.

Guilt and Fear - Homeschoolers often feel guilty that they are not doing enough or that they are doing too much. They fear that they are messing up their children and doing everything wrong. Granted, they don't think this every day, but those thoughts come across their minds here and there. They need to balance those thoughts with focus, vision and direction. They can think about what is best for their children and realize that they are providing their children the best education that they can. One on one tutoring is highly desired in the public school. Homeschooling can provide that every day by a person that loves the student more than anyone else.

No varsity sports - One of the last things to mention about the bad things about homeschooling is the fact that in most states, homeschool high school students can not participate in varsity sports. Are varsity sports really that important in the grand scheme of life? Is participation in a homeschool coop league or a paid ballet class just as beneficial to the student? Those are questions that each family needs to evaluate. If your child is especially gifted in sports and you think that they may get a large scholarship to college if they participate in high school sports, then you will need to decide whether you want your child to attend a public or private school. In most cases, average students enjoy playing sports at home, with other homeschool groups, in community leagues, or with paid classes.

Just as we had to weigh the pros and cons of becoming a parent, we also have to look and the good and bad things about homeschooling. We still became parents even though we knew there would be a cost. We can still homeschool our children knowing that we will have to overcome some hurdles. Even though there are some people thik that there are some bad things about homeschooling, hopefully, in the end, they will realize that the benefits far outweighed the limitations. 

On a more positive note, here are some positive things about homeschooling: