Reasons Why Homeschooling is Bad in Some Families

Many people want to know reasons why homeschooling is bad. For someone who loves homeschooling, that can be a difficult list to make.

Main reasons why homeschooling is bad (or can be bad)

reasons why homeschooling is bad

If parents are lazy or are homeschooling for the wrong reasons, then homeschooling can turn into a bad experience. Many times, these are the people that the school employees and superintendents see which give homeschooling a bad name. When students are discipline problems at school, sometimes parents choose to "homeschool" their children so that they can get the school system off their backs. The student comes home, but the parent still can't get them to do any work. In this case, most of the time the student ends up back in school having not progressed at all in their learning.

When parents choose a curriculum that doesn't fit their child, then their homeschooling experience can be somewhat negative. If their child is good at fixing motors and the parent forces them to fill out lots of workbooks or use a textbook approach to learning like Abeka, then they will both be frustrated. Many times a little creativity in choosing books and resources, can end this frustration pretty quickly.

Sometimes homeschoolers have a difficult time measuring their children's progress. If this is something that is important to you, then this could be one of those reasons why homeschooling is bad. When parents don't test their children or use a curriculum that has periodic tests, they don't have grades down on paper. One way to remedy this is to use oral testing or to look at the students notebooks or workbooks and look at the progress from the beginning of the book to where they are now. If you work at homeschooling consistently each day, you WILL see progress. When children are tutored one on one and interact with their parent all day, they can't help but grow and mature in their learning.

Some people think that not being able to participate in varsity sports is bad. If your child is particularly gifted in a certain sport and you think they have a good chance at a scholarship for college, then you might want to consider figuring out a way for them to participate in a varsity sport. For most of the rest of students, some community activities or paid lessons often give them the sports experience they need to be active.

Even though some people look for the reasons why homeschooling is bad, there are many reasons why homeschooling is good. If you are a parent who cares about your child and is willing to sacrifice a few hours a day to make sure they are learning what they need to learn, then you will most likely have a good experience with homeschooling.

On a more positive note, here are some positive things about homeschooling: