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Here is an article I found called "High School Homeschool Curriculum - How to Choose What's Best For Your Child?" by Jason Rodriguez. I don't necessarily agree with this author though. You can read my comments at the end.

high school homeschool curriculum

Which high school homeschool curriculum is best for your high school child? This is a critical question and lots of care and consideration should be devoted to answering it. There are many types of high school curriculum available to homeschooling parents. Which one should you choose?

Confounded by these questions? There are many more to consider in homeschooling your child. That is why homeschooling schools are so important and are recommended by this author as the source of your curriculum needs. These schools provide the type of services and help you would get if you were a teacher in a public or private school but without the bureaucracy. They are familiar with the laws of your state and can guide you in setting up your homeschool and selecting the right curriculum to comply with state laws and regulations and help you insure that you are teaching the correct courses.

Such schools can assist you in getting appropriate textbooks and other educational material needed for successful homeschooling. They can also help you with establishing a record keeping system so that you do not run afoul of state laws and regulations.

There are secular schools such as Excel High School and Westlock Academy, West Palm Beach. There are also religious schools such as The Southern Baptist Academy and The Morningstar Academy Online Homeschooling. If your child is going on to college and financial aid is a concern, you might consider Sonlight which offers numerous scholarships to its graduates. All of these schools have websites and some even offer free trial periods.

You have decided to homeschool primarily because you want what is best for your child. Be sure you get the expert help and advice you need in guiding your child's educational experience. Homeschooling schools should be your top priority if this latter regard.

If you would like more information about college and the high school homeschool curriculum [http://homeschoolingbasics.info/high-school-homeschool-curriculum] as well as general information on homeschooling, please visit [http://homeschoolingbasics.info] These links don't work.

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Is a high school homeschool curriculum necessary?

My Comments: Although I can understand where this author is coming from, I don't agree that you need expert advice when homeschooling high school. If you have been homeschooling your child all the way through their school years, or even if you haven't, you as a parent have a pretty good idea of what they need. If you have no clue, then you can do some reading and research and ask fellow homeschoolers if they have any advice for you.

A packaged curriculum is often comforting to the parent but is not always what is in the best interest of the student. Make sure you look at your child's learning style, interests, and plans for the future before you start deciding on a high school homeschool curriculum or course of study.

If you look at these aspects of your child and know what kind of books or curriculum you will need for this child, then when you come across it, you will know that it is the right fit for your child. Don't try to fit your child into a curriculum - know what you're looking for and fit the curriculum or books to your child.

This is not just so that they will be happy, but so that they will have a fulfilling experience and enjoy learning and pursue their goals and dreams better than they could do in a school setting.

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