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When looking for homeschool classes online, there are many options from preschool all the way through college. I think the online options will just continue to grow as technology progresses.There are definitely pros and cons to using homeschool classes online and parents need to make sure that they look at all the features and aspects of each online program that they investigate.

home school classes online

Pros of online classes:

  • Lessons all planned for the parent and student.
  • Less books and papers will be used causing less clutter in the house.
  • Easy tracking of the students progress.
  • Less chance of getting behind in schoolwork because either the instructor or computer program will alert the parent that work needs to be completed.
  • Sometimes cheaper than purchasing a packaged curriculum.
  • Coursework is well researched and planned creating less preparation time for the parent.
  • Lessons are more interactive and might be more interesting to the student than reading a textbook and doing workbook pages.
  • Accountability - The student will be accountable to the online teacher or course to complete it rather than just their parent.
Cons of homeschool classes online:
  • Cost - Sometimes is more expensive than using resources or curriculum.
  • Student will need to spend lots of time in front of a computer screen.
  • Lack of flexibility - the student is accountable to complete what the course requires in the time and manner set forth in the course.
  • Teacher problems - If the student is enrolled in a course with a teacher and the teacher is difficult to work with, this might cause added stress and for both the student and parent.
  • Motivation - If the student is not motivated to follow through with the coursework, the family might end up spending money on a course that does not get completed.
  • Parents can't resell used curriculum and get back some of the money they spent on homeschooling.
Here are some online programs that I have found:

ABC Mouse - They offer a full online curriculum from preschool through Kindergarten. They offer more than 350 lessons in the core subjects and more. The lessons incorporate videos, songs, puzzles, games and printables. Parents can select activities for their children based on their child's interests and needs. Parents can track student progress and implement a ticket and rewards system if they choose. The cost is just $7.95 per month.

AOP Monarch - This is an online interactive curriculum that can be used for grades 3-12 for all the core subjects plus electives. Find out more of the pros and cons of this program here.

Grace Academy - An online accredited Christian-based curriculum. Comes with lesson plans, books, workbooks, and CDs. $399 per course

Jubilee Academy - For students in grades K-12. Parents are in control of the curriculum which is all online. There are 6 courses that run for 36 weeks.

Morningstar Academy - Affiliated with Jubilee Academy listed above. Check their website for complete information. They allow parents to choose one course or a complete year curriculum.

Southern Baptist Academy - Affiliated with Jubilee Academy listed above. Check their website for complete information. They allow parents to choose one course or a complete year curriculum.

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