Online College Courses for High School Homeschool Students

Homeschool students have the advantage of using online college courses for high school. They can take just a few classes or they can take many college classes. They can either enroll in an online high school and take classes from there or they can work directly with a college.

online college courses for high school

If students prefer to work at home and get their complete degree in as little as 2 years for under $15,000, then College Plus is the best option for them. Although they start out with CLEP tests, they eventually move into taking online courses to finish their degree. The best part is that they and their parents have someone assigned to them to help guide them through the process. They don't have to search the internet or wander around in the dark wondering how to get online courses for high school all on their own.

Colleges and universities that work with students who want to take online college courses for high school:

Some of these schools allow you to take courses any time of the year, and others offer just summer college courses. Some also require a minimum GPA, so if your student is getting bad grades in high school, they probably won't be allowed to take college classes online. California State University is only open to students who live in the state of California, but they can earn up to 6 credits per semester.

For most of these schools the parents will be paying full tuition. There aren't any scholarships available for online college courses for high school students that I know of. If a student is motivated to take college classes and can stay on track without a lot of outside motivation, then these online courses for high school students might be just what they need to get a jump on their college career.

homeschool college online

If cost is an issue or if the family is looking for a program where the student can take as many classes as they would like, then again, College Plus is the best option. The CLEP tests that College Plus uses at the beginning of their program cost just $77 each and there are 33 courses that a student can take. The CLEP program is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program and has been used by thousands of students. College Plus walks a student and parents through the whole program from learning how to study all the way through completing their degree.

There is a free ebook and audio files that parents and students can access by entering their information here at College Plus.