Tenmarks Online Math Review for Homeschoolers 

TenMarks is an online math program that I reviewed recently. Besides being an individualized program, they also provide a huge collection of math videos for grades 3-10.

My son is almost 9 and has enjoyed using this site for his math instruction. We have found the site to be easy to navigate and use. There are over a 100 core skills per grade. I liked the fact that the worksheets weregraded right away and that the student had the option of going back and correcting their work so that they have a chance to get a perfect score.

There are just 10 problems per worksheet and you always know which problem you are on and how far you still have to go. If the student gets stuck they can click on the video help and immediately get a video explanation of the problem they are working on. I think that on some days 10 problems is not enough, so I would expect 2 worksheets on that day. I'm assuming that the program adjusts if you work ahead since it isindividualized.

Is TenMarks good for Homeschoolers?

They are mapped for state standards and allow your children to have an individualized program. For children that don't like doing math worksheets, this program cures that by changing up the boring papers that they have to fill out and allows them to do their work on the computer instead.

Parents receive weekly reports sent to their email telling how their child is progressing through the program and if they completed their worksheets for the week. You can pause the program if you are going on vacation and even view your child's report card.

The reward zone is fun for children too. As they complete more and more worksheets, they can unlock more games that they can play online. You can also print off certificates of mastery as your child completes each level or at the end of the year. Another part of the reward zone gives parents the option of providing a set reward for work completed. A child can get a monetary, toy, time, or any kind of reward from their parents based on the agreement they set up and the work they have completed.

It's not easy to find an online math program that covers all the bases and yet is not too easy or too difficult for my children. I'm not sure how TenMarks has done it, but they have come up with a complete program that I really like.

Parents and students can try the program for a free trial. After that the programs start at just $10 per month. With personalized learning, online worksheets, video helps, built in rewards, weekly reports on your child's progress, TenMarks is quite a good deal. For some parents, the fact that the stress of making their child complete a boring worksheet is gone, makes the price of the program well worth it.

It looks like the program is hosted by Amazon now and that you can get a free account as a teacher.