Apologia Science Review - Options at Each Level

This Apologia Science review is a thumbs up after many years of homeschooling and many Science programs and books. Almost all their books are enjoyable to read and help the student want to learn more about the subject. The only other science program that we used that was engaging and fun was Considering God's Creation, but that was mostly for the elementary grades. Once we got past those grades, it was difficult to find science material that held our interest or made us want to learn more about the subject.

apologia science review

Compared to Apologia, reading anything else sounds dry. The conversational tone of the text is so pleasant and easy to understand. My children did their books all on their own, except for the younger ones who used the Zoology series with me.

The General Science,  Physical Science,  Biology,  Chemistry  and Physics all have experiments, review questions and tests. These can all be done on their own if you choose. We did fine with the General Science, Physical Science, and Biology (although we didn't do the experiments), but my oldest child found the Chemistry text too challenging especially since she hates math. She would have needed some tutoring to complete this program. She was better at English, so Math and Science did not come easy to her. We did not have a chance to do the Physics program, but I'm sure the quality is just as good as the other courses.

Apologia Science Review for Elementary

The Zoology series books are very interesting. The author does a great job of explaining vocabulary and concepts and includes some great pictures. For older elementary students I have them take notes on the reading since there aren't many review questions in the Zoology series. For now, the series includes land animals, swimming creatures, and flying creatures. There is one book for each of these. The pictures are great too.

I highly recommend Apologia Science since it easy to read and basically self-teaching. I have not used the CDs that come with the books, but I know someone that has some special needs students that uses the CDs instead of the text and is happy with that.

There are many dry and boring textbooks out there, but Apologia doesn fall into that category. If you're looking for a mostly self-teaching scienc curriculum that is fairly interesting to students, then Apologia should be your program of choice.

I hope you have enjoyed this Apologia science review. You can read an interview I did with the owner of Apologia Science to get even more information about what this company has to offer you and your children.