Reasons People are Against Homeschooling

Many people you talk to are against homeschooling, but many more are open to the idea and want to know more about it.

against homeschooling

Here are some reasons why people are against homeschooling:

  1. They think that the parent is not qualified to teach or choose the proper curriculum for the child. It's interesting that the parent has taught their child to talk, eat, walk, use the potty, count, and a whole host of other skills. Did parents purchase a talking curriculum or get a degree when they wanted to teach their children how to talk ? No, it just came naturally to them. Homeschooling is just an extension of what you are already doing with your children. You just keep progressing and use resources along the way.
  2. They think that the student will have no friends and will not be able to relate to people. They also mention words like "sheltering" and think that students will be too dependent on their parents. The more homeschool students you meet, the more you see that this is not the case at all. For the most part, homeschool students are very well adjusted socially and can talk to a wide range of people from toddlers to retired folks. They have all day to interact with their siblings (who might be toddlers), parents, grandparents, and people in the community. Since students are not picked on and ridiculed all day long like they might be in public schools, they tend to have a better self concept and are more confident to talk with others.
  3. They think parents will not be committed to making their children get their work done. Many public school parents are not committed to making their children get their work done. In most states, homeschool parents have to answer for what they have accomplished during the course of a year. They either need to have their children tested or assessed by a public school teacher at the end of the year. Most families have to sacrifice living on one income so that one parent can homeschool the children. I don't think parents would let their children be lazy if they had to make the sacrifices that most homeschool families have to make.
  4. They think that there is not enough support for homeschool parents, that parents become isolated, and that you can't homeschool if you have an unsupported extended family. Almost every community I know of, where I live, have some type of homeschool support group that parents can participate in. Then there is the Internet where parents can get advice and support from other parents around the world. Although it is easier to homeschool when all your family is supportive, most families that homeschool feel called and convicted to homeschool. They believe this is what is best for their children and they are willing to stand for what they believe is best even if they have to deal with others who are against homeschooling.

Whether you are thinking about homeschooling or are a family member who is against homeschooling and researching why someone should NOT homeschool, I encourage you to think most about what is best for the child. Is the child getting what they need from public school? Have they been learning at home and thriving? Are the parents feeling called to homeschool?

Make sure you don't stand in the way of what God is providing this child. Parents love their children more than any teacher can. Chance are, they will provide the child with the best environment and education possible.

On a more positive note, here are some positive things about homeschooling:

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