Homeschool Workbooks - Choices and Options for Students

Some families use homeschool workbooks and some do not. Those families that use workbooks can't imagine life without them. How do you know if you "get it all done" they might say.

Although I would love to be the creative type that uses notebooking, lapbooks, or unit studies every day, I must confess that we have used some workbooks along the way. I always say that just because a child has filled in a workbook, doesn't always mean they understand or remember any of the material in the book.

It's best to know your child's learning style or even get a homeschool learning style assessment so that you know how your child learns best. You could save yourself lots of money by purchasing resources related to your child's learning style rather than trying to fit your child into the curriculum that you THINK he should use. If your child loves learning with workbooks, then by all means, let them learn with workbooks, but if your child learns best with music, then you both might be in for a frustrating year if you force him to use workbooks exclusively.

Recommended Homeschool Workbooks

homeschool workbooks

All the Spectrum workbooks that I have used are good quality. They carry many different subjects for grades K-8. They have  Spelling,  Math, Reading,  Writing,  Language Arts,  Science,  Geography, and Test Practice. Even though they are inexpensive, don't let that fool you into thinking that they are not worth your time. The ones I have used cover a full year for each subject with 180 lessons. My children enjoyed using them too.

Apples Spelling - For the older student that struggles with spelling.

Sonlight Curriculum has quite a few workbooks that they recommend especially for Math and Language that you can use along with their literature based approach.

Math U See - Great program that uses both workbooks and hands on materials.

Alpha Omega Lifepacs is a workbook driven curriculum. They provide 12 small workbooks per subject so that the student completes each booklet in about 3 weeks. Their math program is Horizons Math.

Teacher Created Resources is a great place to find both workbooks for students and teaching resources for parents.

Amazon carries a TON of homeschool workbooks. There are many there to choose from in all different grades and price ranges.

If you would like to steer away from workbooks more and develop more of a lifestyle of learning or a hands on learning environment, check out my favorite homeschool resources for some ideas. I have also recently started using more of a classical home school mindset when planning out my homeschool years with my last child, a son. He learns lots of facts with music and children's picture books so I have compiled a list of books that we have used for homeschool Social Studies and homeschool Science.

If you are confused by all the curriculum options out there, maybe you need a homeschool coach who can help guide you through the maze of choices. Feel free to contact me with simple questions or hire me out for an hour on the phone (which includes a month of email access after that). I've been homeschooling for 14 years and have looked at many different programs over the years.

Whether you choose homeschool workbooks, textbooks, unit studies, unschooling or any of the other methods available for homeschooling, be sure to always keep your child's best interest as your goal. No, we are not here to always make our children happy, but we can certainly make choices that will bring more joy to both our lives.