Homeschool Problems and How to Overcome Them

Homeschool problems can come up. Everyone wants to be successful, but we don't always feel that we ARE successful. Here you will find out how being faithful is much more important than being successful.

Two reasons homeschool problems arise:

homeschool problems

1. The parent is trying to do too much or is expecting their child to do more than they truly need to do. Here is where lots of prayer and knowing your child come in very handy. With homeschooling parents can choose an individualized plan of instruction. They don't have to follow a structured curriculum laid out by curriculum publishers. They have the freedom to pick and choose what they believe would best suit their children.

2. There is a bad relationship between the parent and child. This can be the fault of either or both parties. The student may be rebellious and the parent may not know how to handle them or the parent is being a strict task master and is expecting the child to fit into a boxed curriculum that is not right for the student.

How does someone overcome these homeschool problems? Basically parents need to remember to be faithful. Although it's easy to want to give up at times, parents will teach their children a lot about life if they persevere and work through their problems. Here are some things that they need to remember:

  • Realize that a curriculum is just a tool and not their master.
  • Develop a routine that happens each day so children know what to expect.
  • Be careful to choose materials that are appropriate for their children. Use a homeschool planner and get the home school bookshome school resources, and homeschool supplies that you need.
  • Don't try to do too much both with curriculum and outside activities. Each person in the family should have no more than 1 or 2 outside activities.
  • Work on developing their relationship with their child first and then work on academics.
  • Let the student spend more time an a lesson or unit if they are not understanding it. Or let them test out of chapters if the material seems too easy for them.

As with any part of life, it's so easy to make mistakes. Stop trying to get perfection out of yourself or your child. We are human and the sooner we accept that, the smoother our life will run. We learn from our mistakes and move on from there.