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When looking at homeschool curriculum, a homeschool curriculum review is always a good place to start. Here is an article about the advantages of reviews and how to make them work for you.

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Homeschool Reviews - Let Someone Else Do the Work For You by Don Rodriguez

Would you go to 10 movies in order to decide which one you really should see? Of course not. You would turn to movie critics to see what they had to say about the films and maybe even talk to family members and friends who have seen some of them. After hearing their comments and reading several movie critics, you would decide which movie you were going to see. Well, why approach homeschooling any differently in determining which curriculum, materials, and other tools you will use in teaching your child at home?

You are a busy parent and your time is precious. You cannot afford to waste time nor money and certainly you do not want to start your child off on a curriculum and then discover that you chose the wrong track to run on. That is why homeschool reviews are a critical resource for you. These reviews are often done by parents just like you, although at times they are written by so-called experts. Most of the time, the person writing the review has actually used the product or service and read the textbooks under discussion. Sometimes they have even used the particular item being discussed in a homeschool environment.

They know what the advantages and disadvantages of using the product or service are and many times can advise you on alternatives as well as how to get the most from the product or service. The most helpful homeschool reviews are those that compare and contrast similar products and services. In words of a modern cliché, reviewers have "been there and done that," and they can guide you so that you do not make the mistakes they made or invest your time and money in products and services that do not work for you and your child.

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My comments on this homeschool curriculum review article:

Although it is important to get the opinions of others when looking at curriculum, make sure that you balance that with prayer. The greatest mistakes I have made in homeschooling have always come because I did not pray about whether or not we should use a certain book or curriculum.

Many times when you go to homeschool meetings or see other homeschool parents, you hear about the latest and greatest curriculum that they are using and how wonderful they are. The tendency is to go out and buy it for your family since it worked so well for this other family.

Make sure you look at your goals for your children and pay attention to their learning styles before you purchase anything on someone elses recommendation in a homeschool curriculum review. No one knows your children better than you do.

It is good to look at homeschool curriculum reviews of books or curriculum that you are thinking about purchasing. Sometimes the sales material does not give you all the information that you need. When you look at the comments of other parents that have used this book or curriculum, you might find out things that you need to know about the curriculum that was not mentioned in the sales material.

When looking at any books or materials, always ask lots of questions and find out everything that you can about how to use them. That is where a good homeschool curriculum review comes in handy. It's good to find out what other parents liked or disliked about a certain book or curriculum so that you can decide whether that issue will be a benefit or problem for you and your children.