Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten

Many parents think they need a homeschool curriculum Kindergarten program. Although there are many available through catalogs like SonlightHorizons, and Christian Book Distributors, parents need to think about what they really want for their children.

Parents need to ask themselves questions like:

1. What is my homeschool budget? You were not called to homeschool just so that you could spend hundreds of dollars that you don't have. If you're supposed to homeschool and have a limited budget, I encourage you to work with your resources and not worry about spending a bunch of money. Your homeschool might even be more fun and educational than the family that spent $2000.

2. Will my child learn best by filling out workbooks, being read to, or doing hands-on activities? Keep in mind, that just because a child completes a workbook doesn't mean he learned anything or understood the material. Make sure you pay attention to your child's learning style when choosing books and resources. You'll save yourself a lot of frustration and money in the end.

3. What have I taught my child already without curriculum? Parents need to realize that they have taught their children how to walk, talk, feed themselves, use the bathroom, interact with others, and much more. They need to understand that a homeschool curriculum Kindergarten program might be unnecessary since they have already been so successful in teaching their children so much already. Parents need to give themselves some credit for what they have done already, and go on with confidence that they are capable of helping their child learn to read, write, and explore the world around them.

4. What am I looking for? Does the parent want something that has a script with it that tells them exactly what they need to say every minute or do they just want some guidance and resources to help take them to the next step in their child's learning. Although a scripted program seems comforting to the parent, it might not be what is best for the child.

homeschool curriculum kindergarten

A homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten program can help get a parent started in homeschooling and can give guidelines, but parents need to make sure that they realize that a curriculum is a tool! The curriculum does NOT have to be your master. You are not it's slave. It is YOUR tool, so use it that way.

What should a parent do all day with their child if they don't get a homeschool curriculum Kindergarten program?

1. Read to their child - 20-30 minutes of reading picture books of all kinds will help your child learn a ton. There are many homeschool social studies and homeschool science picture books that you can read that are very interesting for parents AND students.

2. Answer their questions. - Encourage your children to ask questions and help them find answers to their questions if you don't know the answer. They learn a lot about the world around them by asking questions.

3. Take them to interesting places - When you take them to places like the post office, construction site, greenhouse, farm, etc. the child WILL ask questions about the world around them. Field trips don't have to be complicated or far from home. Show your child what is around them and help them create a sense of wonder about the world in which they live.

If you need some help along the way, you can get a guide like How to Homeschool Kindergarten to give you even more ideas about what to do with your child and how to teach them what they need to know. This is not a curriculum but a low-stress high-results oriented program that tells you all the resources you need for Kindergarten and beyond.

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