Homeschool Art Lessons with See the Light Programs

Homeschool art lessons can often go by the wayside when there is so much else to do, but with many areas of homeschooling, delegation is a good thing. Recently I was able to interview Pat Holt, the Founder of SEE THE LIGHT art lessons. She has a great story of how God led her to creating these video lessons and explains how easy their lessons are to use and how much homeschoolers like them. They make homeschool art lessons easy for parents. Thanks to Pat for agreeing to this interview!

homeschool art lessons

Q. Why did you start SEE THE LIGHT and how long has it been in business?

A. Several years ago I began to pray, asking the Lord if there weren’t a different way to reach children that combined the teaching of Bible stories with art, and also combined the teaching of drawing skills with a biblical perspective.

The Lord gave me the idea for SEE THE LIGHT, and- - - my husband and I have been working every since.

The Lord has brought 4 fabulous artists to us: Master Artist Pat Knepley, Author/Speaker/Teacher/Homeschool Dad and Gospel Chalk Artist Jim Pence, Creative Lettering Artist Heidi Shorts, and Gospel Chalk/Black Light Artist Gloria Kohlmann. In addition, God gave us Kip Perry, an amazing Christian film producer!

We’ve been in business for only 2 years, but we’ve come a loooooooong way as you can see at

Q. What makes SEE THE LIGHT different from other homeschool art lessons or curriculums available to homeschoolers?

A. Just about everything -

1. Every single lesson has Biblical integration. That is a major priority!

2 . NO WORKBOOKS EVER These are DVD drawing lessons.

3. Outstanding film production quality.

4. Lessons are step-by-step tutoring.

5. There is progressive skill building.

6. We have 3 product lines:

ART CLASS – 9DVD/36 Lessons

ART PROJECTS – recommended for ages 10 +

BIBLE STORIES – Bible Stories + Related Art Lessons

7. Each of our 4 artists are extremely talented artists, are gifted teachers, have personalities that engage the children, give clear and specific instruction, are encouraging and – of course – know and love the Lord Jesus Christ!

Q. For what ages are the 3 product lines?

A. ART CLASS is geared for ages 6 +.

ART PROJECTS is recommended for ages 10+.

BIBLE STORIES + Related Art Lessons – the stories are for all ages, the art lessons for ages 6+.

Q. How much parental involvement is required when using these homeschool art lessons?

A. Great question. SEE THE LIGHT wants to be of help and encouragement to homeschooling parents, making their lives easier while giving their children the best instruction possible by committed Christian art teachers!

When it’s time for art, assemble the materials, turn on the DVD, and - - - -the master art teacher does the rest. The homeschooling parent can observe, take part, or - - - -do something else.

The lessons are step-by-step. The master art teacher does the teaching. It’s that simple and complete ! That’s why the homeschool community is lovin’ our products!

Here is an explanation of their complete line of products:

ART CLASS- 9DVD/36 lesson series

Bring Master Art Teacher Pat Knepley into your Home

* Step -by -Step Tutoring

* Integrated Art History & Biblical Truth

* Progressive Skill Building

* No Workbooks Ever – Only Basic Art Supplies

ART PROJECTS – Skills & Learning for Ages 10 +

Watch and Produce Your Own Masterpiece in 4 Step-by-Step Lessons with Pat Knepley

*Step-by-Step Tutoring

*Biblical Integration in every lesson

*Each project features an in-depth focus on the style of a famous artist

*Art Elements

*Art Principles

*Large Variety of media used


Explore the Bible through Hands-On Art

* Each DVD Bible story is artfully brought to life by combining stunning art, drama, and original music.

* Children draw 3 step- by-step art lessons related to the Biblical story.

Each lesson is taught by a featured SEE THE LIGHT artist.

* Use of mixed media - colored pencil, chalk pastels, watercolors, felt pens

* Every lesson features a ”Black Light” surprise

* Over 140 minutes of content on each DVD

* Bonus features include the Plan of Salvation and Art Commentaries

* Perfect for home/church/mission/VBS/camp

* Spanish language track included

Thanks so much for giving us all this information about your homeschool art lessons.

Here is my review of the See the Light DVD program that I received - Art Class Curriculum.