Art Class Curriculum

See the Light Art Lessons on DVD

Are you looking for an art class curriculum that is easy to use, fun for children to watch, and very informative? Then be sure to check out See the Light.

art class curriculum

I was recently able to review this great art program and thought I would include my review here. See the Light is a wonderful Christian art program taught by master artist Pat Knepley.

Here are so of the features I like about the program:

  • Pat starts each DVD as a "club meeting" with the students.
  • Supplies that will be needed for that class are listed at the beginning of the DVD and they are very simple items that almost everyone has around their house.
  • Each lesson features a different aspect of art. The lessons I received were Ground (foreground, middle ground and background), Proportion, Scale, and Point of View.
  • Famous art work is included in each lesson to reinforce the lesson and illustrate what she wants you to know.
  • Scripture is read at the end of each lesson. She actually opens her Bible and reads and then explains how it relates to what she just taught us about art.
  • Each art class curriculum lesson is about 15 minutes long. It's just the right amount of time to illustrate the point but not bore the students.
  • The teacher is expressive but not too dramatic. She makes it fun but doesn't make the student feel like a kindergartener.

My son is ten and really enjoyed watching the art class curriculum DVDs. We have used lots of books and resources in the past but I have never learned what Pat taught us in these DVDs. She has a great personality that makes you want to learn from her.

This art class curriculum also uses the talents of Author/Speaker/Teacher/Homeschool Dad and Gospel Chalk Artist Jim Pence, Creative Lettering Artist Heidi Shorts, and Gospel Chalk/Black Light Artist Gloria Kohlmann. In addition, God gave them Kip Perry, an amazing Christian film producer!

This art class curriculum includes 3 product lines:

ART CLASS: ART CLASS is their well known 9 DVD/36 lesson drawing series. It's only been out for 11 months, but homeschoolers love the fact that they can have a Master Art Teacher in their home whenever they want, and she does the rest! Of course there is Biblical integration in every single lesson .

BIBLE STORIES: Their just released story is SHIPWRECKED (story of Paul). The 3 related art lessons are excellent, and they're already getting some good feedback.

ART PROJECTS: This series has just begun and contains 4 step-by-step lessons that complete an amazing finished project in the style of a famous artist! Includes an in-depth art history focus on the style of the featured artist, explores related art elements and art principles, uses a variety of media, integrates scripture into every single lesson, is geared for ages 10+. Each project runs approximately 1-1/2 hours, but it will take most students approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete their masterpiece.

Master artist Pat Knepley has already filmed 3 more ART PROJECTS, and there's no end in sight :)

Check out all the art class DVDs and subscriptions available at See the Light!