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Homeschool How To is pleased to announce our homeschool affiliate program. I have written several ebooks that are for sale on my website and I have been selling these on my own for quite a few years.

What is an affiliate program and how does it work?

Someone recommends a product and if their friend or acquaintance purchases the product, the person who recommended the product gets a referral bonus. Basically, people can make money from recommending products. Wouldn't it be nice if Walmart, theaters, or some other retailer would give you a referral bonus for recommending products that they sell? How many times have you seen a good movie and had your friend attend at your recommendation? Did the movie theater send you a check in the mail? Of course not! But things on the internet are different. People can recommend products online and get paid for doing it.

In order to get a referral bonus for one or all of my products, just go to ejunkie and get an account there. It's free to get an account, so it's a win-win situation. The free account allows you to earn money just for becoming a homeschool affiliate. If you have a blog, website or just a homeschool group, you can earn money recommending products.

Here are some of the products you can recommend with our homeschool affiliate program:

101 Activities Parents can do with their Preschool Child - This short booklet was written to help parents prepare their preschool children for what they need to learn. Whether a child is going to be going to public school, private school, or will be homeschooled, this booklet can be very valuable for parents. If a parent is not sure if they are capable of homeschooling their child, they can use this book to give them a huge list of ideas of things they can do with their child to encourage learning.see that they can do activities with their children

How to Homeschool Kindergarten - Read all about this book at How to Homeschool Kindergarten.

Internet Resources for Homeschooling - Get over 300+ websites reviewed by a veteran homeschool mom all in one ebook. The websites are categorized by subject and can be used for preschoolers all the way through college aged students. Read all about this at Internet Resources for Homeschooling.

Smart Way Cooking - This is the first ebook I wrote that I still use today. It contains my special freezer cooking method not found in any other book I have found. Use the time you are already cooking to stock your freezer to overflowing. You can read more about Smart Way Cooking at cooking help.

Cooking from Your Cupboard - Here is my latest book written about how to keep certain ingredients on hand so you can always fix any of these 30 meals. I use this method all the time too. You can read all about it at easy meal planning.

If you would like to recommend these ebooks and get paid for your referral, then just Join our Affiliate Program! and start earning right away.

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