Abeka K4

by Jennifer
(Hampton, GA)

I used Abeka K4 with my four year old son last year. I thought the math moved way too slow for him and the handwriting was too much.

With that said, though, I think he did learn a lot from the curriculum. The reading/phonics was fabulous! The only problem I found is that this year when I started him on their K5 curriculum it was the same as the K4 until about lesson 100. This meant that we would be reviewing most of the year.

Instead I switched him to Abeka Grade 1 which begins with a lot of review also. He has been doing great and is reading wonderfully.

I have chosen to use another company for math this year because he really enjoyed the hands on of Saxon 1.

My Comments: Thanks for your review. I have heard much of the same from other parents. They loved the phonics (although I think there are cheaper ways to teach reading) and they didn't like the handwriting and math.

That is definitely a concern that they would review so much at the beginning of the year. That probably happens with many homeschool curriculums though, but it still doesn't seem right.

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