Teaching Textbooks 5

by Suzie Peterson
(Billings, MT)

I'd like to tell you about a math curriculum that has really worked WELL for us! I homeschool my 11 year old son, and we have really struggled with math for the past couple of years, but not anymore, thanks to Teaching Textbook 5!

Teaching math has been a tough subject for me to teach, and we were really getting frustrated! I was desperate for another way.........we had tried other methods, but I needed something that would TEACH the concepts for math, and explain it in an easily understood way. Teaching Textbooks was the answer to our prayers! It is a CD-Rom computer program. It has a lecture at the beginning of every single lesson that explains EVERYTHING in how to do that particular lesson, and gives you hints if you need them! It's like having a teacher there to help teach your child!

They also have several practice lessons for each assignment so your child can get the concepts "nailed down" before moving onto the next one!

This curriculum is for children around Grade 5 grade level, but I believe a 4th grader who LOVES math could do this, as they are not as advanced as curriculums such as Abeka. They have tests on their website that you can give to your child to determine if they are ready for that level or not.

This curriculum starts at Grade 4 and goes through high school level. You can also order the book that goes with the CD's but we have never needed it.

My son is able to work almost totally independently, which also frees up more of my time, so this has worked GREAT for us! In my humble opinion, the cost is worth every penny, and I thank the Lord for leading me to this curriculum!

My comments: Wow! Thanks for giving such a thorough review. I'm sure this will help someone in the future who reads this review. I have heard a few people that didn't like this program, but that happens with any curriculum. Most people I know like Teaching Textbooks.

Thanks for sharing - love the picture!

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