Switched on Schoolhouse Spanish Program Options on Computer

The Switched on Schoolhouse Spanish programs are very versatile. There are 4 different programs you can get to suit your needs. Spanish is part of Switched on Schoolhouse's elective programs. All lessons are done on the computer using their interactive format.

Here are the 4 Switched on Schoolhouse Spanish programs and what they each offer:

Elementary Spanish  - Students in grades 3-6 who want to get a jump start on their Spanish studies can use this program to help them start to learn Spanish. This is a 5 unit program that is colorful and uses adventure-themed lessons. Students can learn to read and write Spanish using games, puzzles and exercises on the computer. Tests and quizzes are also included.

Secondary Spanish - Students in grades 7-12 can use this program to get a more basic knowledge of Spanish. This could be used right after elementary Spanish or as a one year course for a high school student who wants to get familiar with Spanish without having to take a 2 year course. This is an intermediate course that is still fun and interactive. The student will get instruction in sentence patterns, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more. Tests and quizzes are also included.

Spanish I - Students in grades 9-12 can take this course to fulfill one year of a high school foreign language. The program includes 12 units and helps students get a basic knowledge of Spanish by studying sentence structure, vocabulary, the Hispanic culture, and more. Tests and quizzes are included.

Spanish II - This Switched on Schoolhouse Spanish course builds on Spanish I and includes dialogue and conversation along with teaching your child how to read and write more advanced Spanish words and sentences. The whole program contains 12 units along with tests and quizzes.

As with all SOS programs, the lessons appear on the student's assignment page and all grading and record keeping is done by the computer. The parent doesn't even have to know how to speak Spanish! The computer does it all for you. Parents can know that proper pronunciation is being taught and they can focus their energies on other areas of study more familiar to them.

For a more complete review of Switched on Schoolhouse, you can read my review at Switched on Schoolhouse review. It's fun to have a program that is scheduled and maintained for you with just enough control of the schedule to be a good fit for any family. All lessons except for projects are done on the computer and maintained by the computer. Parents and students each have an access page so that they can each see the progress that is being made and can know exactly what lessons are due when. Parents can easily eliminate lessons that they feel are unnecessary for some reason and can type in the days they want off. The computer then automatically adjusts the lessons so that the student can complete their work in the time set up by the family.

I'd love to hear what other homeschoolers have to say about Switched on Schoolhouse. Feel free to leave a review at the bottom of my homeschool curriculum reviews page.