How to teach abeka curriculum

by T gal

I am using abeka for k4. I have used it since my son was 3 and daughter was 3.

Initially it was discouraging after the first month or so because of all the repetition. It is so thorough that it was hard for me to put my own creative spin on it. I was to afraid to supplement for fear that I would miss something.

My advice is that you switch it up a little. Exhale. Be patient and not too uptight. Don't be afraid to put your own personality in it. I read over the lessons in advance so that when "schooltime" comes I can flow in my own way even if I don't use the games abeka provides. It pays off. Stick with it if you can.

Response: Thanks for this review. I think it is right on. I'm so glad you are putting your own personality into this curriculum.

Abeka curriculum can sometimes be overwhelming with the advanced work and amount of work that it requires. I'm glad that you found a way for it to work for you. Hopefully your children will continue to enjoy this curriculum. If you ever have to switch you will at least have a good idea of what they do in a Christian school and you can branch off from there.

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