Abeka Science and Social Studies

by Jennifer
(Hampton, GA)

My son is 5 and currently using Abeka Grade 1 curriculum. We have been somewhat disappointed with the science/health and social studies curriculum. It is basically a story book where you read about different people and places. He really wanted to do some hands on science with experiments instead of just stories so we are going to be switching Alpha Omega Science Grade 1.

I have ordered the Alpha Omega curriculum and it seems to be more colorful and in depth. Abeka did have some good pictures but lacked content in the science/health and social studies area for Grade 1 in my opinion.

The phonics has been great though...I would highly recommend Abeka for reading!

My Comments: Thanks for your review. I hope the Alpha Omega works for you.

For that age I like using picture books from the library for most of our Science and History.

Abeka uses a textbook approach that doesn't often lend itself to much creativity or interest.

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