Abeka Preschool

Many parents think they need a curriculum so they turn to Abeka preschool. Although Abeka is a very popular homeschool curriculum, one needs to ask the question, "Is a preschool curriculum really necessary?"

Parents of preschoolers have already taught their children many skills. They taught them how to dress themselves, feed themselves, use the bathroom, speak, walk, interact with others, plus a huge list of other skills. Somewhere along the line parents have been led to believe that once their child gets to preschool age, they aren't smart enough to teach them what they know from here.

Here are some activities parents can do with their children for preschool that don't require a preschool curriculum at all:

Read to them - If parents read to their children for 20-30 minutes a day, they will be amazed at how much their children will learn. Any curriculum you would choose, whether it would be Abeka preschool or some other curriculum, will have you read to your child too. Why not just read to your child and not require someone else to tell you to do this. There are lots of great children's picture books about science and social studies that are very interesting for parents and children alike.

Games - Play games with your children. They will learn math skills, relational skills, and much more from playing games with you.

Music - Play music while your children are playing. Let them choose music from the library or music for a birthday gift. Children can also learn all kinds of facts from songs like Bible verses, math concepts, skip counting, state and capitals, and much more.

Activities - I've created an ebook called 101 Activities Parents can do with their Preschool Child. Download it at Preschool Ideas and use it!

Art - Provide plenty of paper, pencils, markers, and anything else you can think of for your child to use. Art is also a form of penmanship. The more your child draws, the easier it will be to get them to write.

Use a Guide - You can use a guide like How to Homeschool Kindergarten for both kindergarten and preschool. Although this is not a curriculum, it will give you lots of ideas of what to do with your child all day and how to teach them what they need to learn in a low-stress high-results method.

Even if your budget is tight, you can still provide a very high quality education for your child. Who knows, they might even have more fun that those children whose parents spend $2000 on their curriculum.

Whether you use Abeka preschool curriculum or not, always remember that any curriculum is best used as a tool. When you start allowing curriculum to be your master, you run the risk of burning out and getting frustrated. Enjoy your children and make sure that your relationship with them is at the top of your list.

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