Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka homeschool curriculum is a very popular name among homeschool parents. For people who think they need a curriculum, Abeka is usually the first name that comes up.

abeka homeschool curriculumAbeka first started about 30 years ago as the curriculum for Pensacola Christian Academy. It is one of the largest and oldest Christian schools in the nation. The students in that school were the first to use it.

Here are some features of Abeka that every parent should know:

  1. Abeka is a Christian school curriculum that can be adapted and used in homeschooling.
  2. Their curriculum is usually about a year above where students in public schools are averaging.
  3. It is a textbook/workbook driven curriculum.
  4. Parents have several options for enrollment. They can choose an accredited or non accredited program. They can choose a video format, use Abeka Academy, or just purchase the books and/or teacher manuals and teach on their own.
  5. It is one of the more expensive curriculums available.
  6. You can purchase a full curriculum package or just a book or subject.
  7. Abeka is one of the most popular curriculums so it is easy to buy used and resell once you are done with it.
  8. They change editions of their books every few years in various subjects, so the used materials sometimes do not match up with the current edition.
As with any homeschool curriculum, it is important to ask lots of questions before you buy. It's also a good idea to look at Abeka homeschool reviews by other parents.

Some parents absolutely love Abeka because it tells them exactly what to do each day and some parents hate it for the same reason. Some students enjoy a workbook/textbook form of learning and some just hate it and would prefer to use a different mode of learning like unit studies, hands on learning, or reading good literature, to name a few.

abeka curriculumsIf you pay attention to your child's learning style, your teaching style and the dynamics of your family schedule, and pray a lot, you will be able to make a good decision about what books, resources, or curriculum that you will need.

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