Abeka Home School Choices and Options for Students

Many people don’t know that the Abeka home school program has 3 options available to parents and students. We often just hear of one option or another, but don’t know the complete program.

abeka home school

Some of their programs are more expensive than others. The non-accredited programs require more parent time and effort but are also cheaper.

1. Video with Abeka Academy - You can choose either the accredited or non-accredited version of the DVD program. The videos are recorded in a classroom setting with teachers and students from the Pensacola Christian Academy. You can watch the DVDs on a computer with a DVD drive or on a television through a DVD player.

You still purchase the textbooks, workbooks, teacher keys and tests along with the DVDs. With the accredited program, Abeka gives you report cards at the end of each quarter and keeps track of what courses your child takes. With the non-accredited program, the parent is required to keep track of courses and grades and does not answer to Abeka.

2. Abeka Academy - traditional - This program is an accredited program that is for Kindergarten through grade six. They use the traditional model of education with textbooks and workbooks.

You purchase all the textbooks, workbooks, materials, instructions, tests, and teacher manuals which provide step by step instructions for the parents to follow. The school day is directed by the parent, but Abeka keeps track of grades and courses taken. This option does not include any DVDs.

3. Abeka Books - This option can be used for grades Kindergarten through grade 12 and all subjects are available. You can order complete kits for each grade or purchase only the books you want to use. This is not an accredited program. It just provides materials for parents to use. Parents can purchase lesson plans and teacher manuals if they need them.

Cautions When Choosing Abeka Home School Materials

Many people have differing opinions about Abeka home school curriculum. Some love it and some hate it. Some use it for some children and not others.

Since Abeka tends to be about a year ahead of most public schools, make sure you take this into account if you decide to purchase it. Children who are more hands-on learners, who have learning disabilities, or are late readers tend not to do very well with Abeka at their grade level. On the other hand, children who like workbooks or are visual learners, tend to do well with Abeka.

Abeka is one of the most popular provider of homeschool textbooks with over 800 titles available for grades K-12. The Bible is taught throughout all subjects.

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