Winter Promise

by Crystal

I have tried using two theme programs from Winter Promise, three levels of Language Arts, and one science level. Yes, you can call me a sucker for great pictures and advertising. The programs look and sound wonderful, yet I was unable to get either of the theme programs to work for our family.

I feel that the scheduled reading feels choppy and I have a hard time seeing our purpose while in the midst of all this reading. For the price, I had hoped for more than a reading schedule and scheduled craft books. I will say that my daughter loved the website suggestions in both Animals and Their Worlds (we completed 16 weeks) and American Story 1 (we completed 3 weeks).

This sort of schedule may work for some families, but I found as a new homeschooler that I needed more hand holding than the program gave me. I would also have preferred to have the Bible be more meaningful rather than just a cute devotional tacked on two or three days a week.

We have tried to make the Language Arts (Pre-k, Adv K and LA 1) work for us, but it seems that my daughter just can't learn the way Winter Promise is set up. She is a lot like my husband who is mildly dyslexic, so we have used some of the books in the program in our own way but this was only after many tears from both her and myself.

We also tried using the first few weeks of the science program The World Around Me. My daughter labeled this program as boring. She prefers to have Daddy do experiments with her. I know there are families who love these programs, we just found it was a bad fit for our family and goals.

Overall, we could not get any of the programs to work as written, but have kept many of the books as resources to add into our studies.

My comments: Thanks for your honest review. I have heard of this program but have never used it myself or looked at it either. It sounds like you gave it a good try.

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Mar 15, 2010
Want to sell?
by: FL Mom

Do you have any interest in selling your Winter Promise Animals and Their Worlds guidebook?

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