Winston Grammar Review for Homeschool Parents

Winston Grammar is a good program in my opinion. Here are some of it's positive features:

1. User friendly for both teacher and student.

2. Simple page layout.

3. Thorough course covering everything you need to know about grammar and sentence structure.

4. Built-in review.

5. Teacher manual and student workbook are laid out in a simple fashion.

I like a system with low teacher preparation. I like to be able to pick something up and read it over quickly and then teach it to my child. Winston Grammar does that. The teacher instructions are simple and easy to follow. They give you enough information, but not too much. You also get the answers which is helpful! Who wants to spend time figuring out the answers when the answers can be provided very easily?

The only drawback I would have is that if a child didn't really "get it" when they did the worksheet and got a lot of sentences incorrect, there isn't really a built-in way to reinforce the concepts again. You just move on to the next figure of speech. So you will need to possibly make some extra copies so that if your child needs some extra review, you will have a blank page to use.

This program is good for those who like the whole curriculum approach, but can also be used by those who enjoy a more relaxed approach. Parents can pick up this program and use it to reinforce certain concepts or they can go through the entire course of 30 lessons. The lessons can be completed every day if a family wants to get through the program quickly in about six weeks or they can be done as little as once a week to go through the course more slowly. If a parent felt that the program moved too quickly they could always stop the lessons and pick them back up again when the student was ready to learn the more advanced material.

We found Winston Grammar to be a solid program that could easily be used by just about any type of homeschooler. The youngest student I would use this with would be about 5th grade. A student up to about 8th or 9th grade could also benefit from this program.

The program gets into quite a bit of advanced grammar but if a student sticks with the program, it will give them a good base and understanding of the parts of speech and how they relate to each other. 

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