Usborne Review - Books that Make Learning Fun

This Usborne review will feature many of the Usborne books available but is certainly not a complete review of all their books.

There are so many Usborne books that I could mention. We have used them a lot in our homeschool journey. If you ask my children what their favorite books are, I'm sure most of them would be Usborne books.

Their books are colorful, inviting, educational, and mostly just plain fun for children to explore. They cover a wide variety of subjects from Science, History, Math, Animals, first experiences (like going to the doctor, flying on a plane, etc), how to, kits, crafts and much more.

Here are just a few books that we like:

The Great Undersea Search - Usborne has lots of these search books. They are ALL wonderful. The books are oversized and open up to contain a large picture that covers two pages. Around the edges is a little information about something on the page along with a small picture. Once you read the information it tells you how many of that item are in the big picture. Then you search for that item in the big picture. This is a great activity for children and adults. It's fun for both of them to try to find all these unusual animals pictured in their natural habitat. Other books in this series include The Great Castle Search, The Great Animal Search, The Great History Search, The Big Bug Search, The Great World Search, and more.

More favorite books for this Usborne review:

That's Not My Car - This is a cute little board book that has the famous Usborne touch and feel feature. On each page there is a different item that your child can feel that goes along with the story about a person looking for their own car.

Batteries and Magnets Kit - You can get many "kid kits" with Usborne. Each kit comes with a book and a collection of objects that go along with the book. In this case the kit contains all the magnets and batteries you need to complete the experiments included in this book. These make great gifts because kids can play with them and they don't usually know that they are learning something in the process. There are many other kid kits too like Hair Braiding Kit for Kids, Origami Kid Kit, Science Kit, Usborne Egypt Kit

Children's World Cookbook - This is a great resource I want to include in this Usborne review that you should have around when you are studying other countries. You can find recipes from the country you are studying and make those dishes. This will make the country more real to your children. Usborne has lots of craft and cooking books that are wonderful. They have lots of great pictures and ideas.

Farmyard Tales - This is another great series that this company publishes. You can purchase the stories individually or in a set like this one. There are so many cute stories that have the added benefit of being early readers too. Plus you get to find the little yellow duck on each page too!

One last set I will mention in this Usborne review is the Starting Point History series. These are short and interesting books that young elementary students can use to learn all kinds of things about history. Some of our favorites include Who Built the Pyramids?, Who Were the First North Americans?, What Were Castles For?, Who Were the Vikings?, Who Were the Romans?, and more.

I could go on and on with this Usborne review, but I'll just stop here and say that you should really include Usborne books in your homeschool adventures. They are certainly much more interesting than textbooks and help your children retain information better too.