Unit Studies promote family togetherness and learning about life.

by Lyn
(Darlington, SC)

Besides the obvious of making schooling easier I think unit studies are great for bringing a family together and for teaching skills they will need later in life.

With everyone working on the same things, making a craft together, or finding out information about something together they are learning valuable skills they will need later on in life as a lot of jobs require you to be part of a team.

Plus, it is great to see the older children spending time with the younger children and everyone getting along.

Response: I have not explored this idea of unit studies enough. I always thought that unit studies were too much work for the mom.

It's interesting to see you say that unit studies make schooling easier. I'm thinking I was making it too hard.

You're right that people will often have to work on teams when they get older and have jobs. This is great practice.

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