Unexpected Field Trips

by Lyn
(Darlington, SC)

Besides planning a field trip to the obvious places, be on the look out for the unexpected around your area. Things pop up all the time that can make a great field trip and an awesome learning experience.

This week we are going to see a display called THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, A PHOTOGRAPHIC TRIBUTE. It is an exhibition of 116 photographs from the Civil War to the War in Iraq. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the obvious that we sometimes forget to look for the unexpected.

Response: So true Lyn. We DO need to keep our eyes open to field trip opportunities around us.

Just this week our electric company decided to replace 2 poles right in front of our house! How interesting to be able to sit in our house and watch the whole process.

I hope you enjoy the exhibition. I've never heard of making a war display like that, but it sure is creative and will probably be fascinating.

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