Time for Learning

by Regina Hootsell
(Natchez, MS)

Time for Learning is an online math and language arts program for grades pre-k to 8th grade. There is also science and social studies available for one low price of $19.99 per month for the first student. Each additional student is $14.99.

We have really enjoyed this program. It is mostly self directed. We use 1st grade math and 2nd grade Language arts. A big plus is that you can use different levels if your child is having trouble in one area but excelling in another.

Parents are able to look at and print lesson plans from a parent log in page. You are able to check grades and completion of assignments. You are also able to see how long it took your child to complete the assignments. This helps if they did not do well. You can see if they rushed through. There are also worksheets you can print to have additional followup.

The parent forum is also very helpful. Everyone is very friendly and helpful with answers to questions about the program or homeschooling in genera.

So far no cons to the program.

You can get more info at www.time4learing.com

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