The Mystery of History

by Denise

We began this year with The Mystery of History for, obviously, our history curriculum. And...we...LOVE IT !!! There is so much great learning packed into one book! We are in Volume 1 for this year, which begins with Creation and carries through until the resurrection of Christ.

If you are a Christian homeschooler, looking for a great, Biblical, and chronological history curriculum at an extremely affordable price, this just might work for you, too.

I have a first grader, a fourth grader, and a sixth grader. We all do history together. We read through the lesson and any pertinent Bible passages, choose age-appropriate activities for each from the list found at the end of each lesson, and make our memory cards and timeline figures each week together as well.

There are lists of suggested additional resources at the end of the text, including books, movies, documentaries and web resources.

I do not have to struggle at all to pull in sources outside the textbook to reinforce and make history come alive for my children. The lists are there and the work has already been done, so I can invest my time doing the most important thing - teaching and learning with my children.

My Comments: Thanks for this review. We have enjoyed these books too. I've noticed that you can get them for good prices on Amazon and CBD.

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