Story of the World

by Crystal

I personally feel that though this author may claim to be Christian, she caters too much to the secular crowd for our family to feel comfortable using Story of the World (SOTW).

I tried very hard to be ok with using this series since others in our church use it. But after having to read an Egyptian myth where one brother tried to kill another, I just couldn't read anymore to my DD (age 6). I also didn't like the way the story of Moses and Abraham read. It felt like she did a bad job plagiarizing the Bible.

Many others don't have these problems and friends of ours don't really understand our position, but they are not the ones needing to answer the questions our DD had, nor do they have to give an account for what we teach our DD. So we have elected to use another very Christ centered curriculum instead which feeds her spirit as well as her mind.

I would suggest trying to find a copy to read through before making a final decision. Or at the very least, pick up a used copy or a cheap copy from Amazon or cbd before committing to buying the whole set.

Again, this is just my opinion and other Christians have found this series to be exactly what their family needs.

My comments: We have used these books and I enjoyed reading them. My children were older at the time, so that might have made a difference. You're wise to quit using something if it doesn't feel right for your family. I'm glad you found something you liked even better!

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