Startwrite 50

by Laura

We love this handwriting computer program! With Startwrite you can type and print out handwriting practice sheets in a variety of print and cursive fonts. Letting them choose their own font took the guess work out of what kind of print/cursive to teach.

You can choose the size and spacing of composition lines for older or younger children, different types of letter guide lines, etc. It even has options with directional arrows and start points for beginners. SO MANY OPTIONS!

We can also add color or black and white clip art to compositions or leave it blank for their own art work. I can see a definite improvement in their handwriting, and spelling (it has a spell check but I still have to proof read for grammatical errors if they type up their own entries).

They like to use this for their daily journal entries and are really motivated to write now! It downloads to your computer and can be used without the CD-rom so I'm not worried about scratching the disc! I am using this for K-5th grade.

My Comments: We have recently found Startwrite too. I wrote a review of it here -

My son really likes this program and I do too. I wish I would have found it sooner. It's definitely worth the money to be able to use it for all my children for many years.

Thanks so much for your input.

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