Speed Reading Review

In this Speed Reading review I'm going to be talking about the course written by Howard Berg, the fastest reader in the world.

Included in this course is a PDF file along with a link to a 60 minute audio. Howard Berg teaches on the 60 minute audio and explains the book and how to use it. The audio can be used by the student or the teacher. It walks you through the book. You can stop the recording and do what he says or just listen all the way through. It includes timed tests too.

The book contains good explanations and is easy to read through. He helps you develop good comprehension from reading faster. Who doesn't want better reading comprehension?

The first chapter of the PDF tells you where the book is going and the last chapter gives you a summary of the book.

By learning how to speed read you can save time learning. You can also increase reading comprehension by reading faster. You would think that it would be the opposite, but speed reading helps you focus and comprehend even better.

Howard Berg also helps you develop a note taking system.

There is lots of encouragement and instruction in the audio that should complement the book. Just as learning to read or learning to ride a bike, you or your student will need to spend some time practicing. This WILL work, but you can't expect instant results without practice.

This is a great course for Junior High or High School students to help them learn how to study. The speed reading will really come in handy in college but can help anyone no matter what they do in life.

You can download the book Speed Reading for Homeschoolers right to your computer at Special Reports for Beginning and Advanced Homeschoolers. Scroll down to the bottom to find Speed Reading for Homeschoolers. You can download the audio to iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Some other courses for study that can benefit you and your student are:

Speed Writing for Homeschoolers!

"Self Teaching Manual: I'm the Mom; I Don't Have to Know Calculus" - with Joanne Calderwood

I hope this speed reading review has been helpful to you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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