Sparkle Stories Review

I had never heard of Sparkle Stories before and decided to contact the owners to see if they wanted me to do a review for them. They enthusiastically offered me a one month subscription and we were on our way. Even though my youngest child is 10, he still enjoyed the stories even though the are geared for a younger crowd.

sparkle stories

We enjoyed the soothing music and voices. I liked the fact that there was a different voice for each character. It made it easier to follow the story. The music at the beginning is fun and will alert a student that a story is coming.

The Sparkle Stories program is new to me in that it offers a monthly subscription program for their stories. I had never used a service like this before so it took a little getting used to.

There are 6 different series of stories right now with more being added all the time. A family can get a monthy subscription to one or three sets of stories at a time. Individual story sets are $7 a month and the three story sets are $15 a month. Stories can be purchased individually or in a collection if someone wanted to make a one-time purchase. Basically, with a three story set you get 4-5 hours of stories per month and save 30%.

When you have a subscription with Sparkle Stories, there is a new story each week in each series. The stories are each about 15-40 minutes long and have the cutest characters with sweet voices. The stories follow the seasons and months but you don't have to have heard the previous stories to understand what is going on. You can jump right in at any time.

The Story Box that comes with a subscription holds all the stories created. The stories can be played on a computer, iPod, iPad, or CD player if you burn your stories to a CD. Who knows, with technology, you can probably listen to the stories on your phone already or maybe in the near future.

The blog and newsletter offer recipes on the website to go along with some of the stories. If someone is on their email list they can get occasional free stories sent to them. The Sparkle Stories website offers a nice mix of free and paid items all to complement the stories that they offer with a subscription.

If your children enjoy listening to stories while they play or before they go to sleep, or if you enjoy having something you can plug in for your kids while you are fixing dinner or working with an older child, then Sparkle Stories are worth checking out. Check out their sample stories and see how your children react when they hear them.