Saxon Math

by Beverley Klutch
(Tucson, AZ)

We used Making Math Meaningful in the early grades. At fourth grade we transitioned into Saxon Math and it was a perfect fit. The repetition in Saxon was a great foundation builder for us as I beleive in a lot of review work in the area of math.

Saxon's approach worked really well for us for about 5-6+ grade levels, depending on the learning style. We did have some frustrations in later years with one of the kids who did not do as well in the Saxon Algebra. She was more of a hands on learner and needed a little different approach at that point. We went to the Harold Jacobs book at that point, which was a big help.

My Comments: Thanks for submitting this review. I have heard mixed reviews about Saxon too. The repetition helps to get the concepts nailed down in their heads, but sometimes it is too much for some children.

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