Right Start Mathmatics was sooooooo Right ON!

by Tammy Wilczek
(Buffalo, NY USA)

I love this math curriculum. After trying a few others, my child was still struggling. We decided to make the investment in the curriculum and related manipulatives. Our investment paid off. Our child learned more in three months of using this curriculum than that she had the previous 3 years using other curriculums. It uses the Asian way of teaching math which includes heavy use of an abacus in the early years. It also includes many games and unique repetition which allows the child to learn with ease.

My child learned her math facts almost effortlessly. It also teaches the child tricks/shortcuts that adults use everyday, sometimes without even realizing it. It has made a huge impact on our Math class and I am thankful that I found it.

My Comments: Thanks for posting this. I have heard good things about the Right Start Math program but have never used it myself. It looks like it would be worth the investment.

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