Math with Time4Learning

by Linda

We have used the Math portion of Time4Learning from second grade through sixth grade. My daughter is just beginning 7th grade math with this program. I feel that the program builds confidence in the student by offering practice problems within the instructional material and asks the student if they have the concept or would like to go over it on more time. There is no penalty for the additional review. We plan to use this math curriculum through Algebra. The only improvement that I would wish for in the program is chapter tests in the middle school grades.

Time4Learning does offer other subjects but the math program is definitely worth considering. The program offers Math for Kindergarten through eighth grade, with an additional Algebra course upon request.

The Time4Learning Math program is a mastery based program where students are presented the instructional material online, in an interactive manner. No download of information is required, and students have access to the program any time they have a computer and internet access. The instructional material is colorful and entertaining. Many of the lessons offer practice problems within the lesson to see if the student is grasping the concept. Should the student need additional review as indicated by incorrect answers, the program explains the concept again, in detail.

There are printable resources for many of the lessons, which provide additional practice in a worksheet format, as well as many practice problems covering each concept that is presented. Completion of the printable resources is not required and must be graded by the teacher/parent.

Each grade of the Time4Learning Math curriculum takes information presented in the previous grade, and expands on that material. While new concepts are introduced, the program reinforces material already learned, packing down a firm math foundation.

I particularly like that Time4Learning Math leads the student through the lesson without the parent having to make lesson plans, or instructional prep. Additionally, records are kept each step of the way so that parents can check on their student’s progress.

Time4Learning Math works well for students who enjoy learning on the computer. Visual learners will enjoy the program because it is colorful, interactive, and holds attention. Gifted students appreciate the program because the student can determine the speed at which they move through the curriculum.

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