Math U See

by Sara Wakeley
(Elbasan, Albania)

4 of my kids were a breeze to teach reading, however one is dyslexic. I have needed an assessment and a special system to help him.

For math he's really enjoying MathUSee, so far a more kinesthetic approach its great comfort.It's a hands-on, very logical and practical approach to math using color coded blocks.

I don't know about other dyslexic kids, but my boy is amazingly logical. This curriculum is logical and makes math so understandable! He actually enjoys math now. He found it terribly boring before. I would recommend this curriculum for anyone.

My older kids are rather jealous that they're hooked into something else!

My Comments: I have used Math U See with all 4 of my children. None of them have dyslexia but they enjoyed it just as well. I think it's a great program too!

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