Madsen Method

by Deanna

I have two sons who have struggled with dyslexia, one more than the other. Last year I began using Madsen Method, after going to a workshop by the Madsens, and then doing some research about their program.

This program is designed as an 8 year program (if begun with your young child) as a complete language arts program, not needing separate phonics or spelling or language workbooks. There are four main sections to this program, usually taking 2 years to go through each part. (older children will progress faster, usually.)

With Madsen Method, you can teach younger students for shorter periods of time,depending on their age, and older students can be taught for 30-40 minutes at a time, or longer-your choice!

As a complete language arts program,this program also will help fill in any missed gaps that occur in their learning. Also, there is a money back guarantee.

By following their program they believe that dyslexia is corrected, and I have seen major improvements in both of my sons!

With 4 that I am currently using this program with, you can imagine the savings!

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