Lego Fest

This past November, my son and I had the privilege of attending a Lego Fest in Cleveland thanks to a Groupon deal that came across my path. All we could say was "Wow!" We had so much fun roaming around to the different areas. There were areas to build cars out of Legos and then ramps to race them. There was an area to build onto a city. There were areas with just certain colors of Legos so that you could build something completely out of lime green if you wanted to. There were areas where you could race with the clock and win a prize. One really fun areas was the pile of Legos. There was a pile of Legos in an area about 20 feet by 40 feet and 1 foot high. Kids could sit in there and and play with the Legos all around them.

home school legoThe favorite area for my son was the Lego Nation. They had a huge area taped off in the size of the United States. Around this large area (probably 30x40 feet) there were tables with base plates and building pieces. Your child could take a base plate and build any kind of house or building that they wanted. When they were done with their project, they could take it to one of the workers and the workers would put the project ON the outline of the United States right where your child wanted it. You could go upstairs and look down on this massive creation too. It was fun to see it grow over the course of the evening.

Another highlight was the area where kids were split up into teams and given Duplo blocks and were told to build a strong bridge. When the time was up the speaker gathered people around and they actually put weights right on these bridges. There was a lot of suspense as you watched the speaker put more and more weight on each bridge. Some broke right away and some lasted up to 55 pounds!

Throughout the hall there were also some awesome exhibits of life-sized Lego creations. They had Buzz Light Year, Pirates of the Caribbean, and even a full-sized replica of Lightning McQueen from Cars. There were some intricate displays that were put behind plexiglass that you could walk around and admire.

Of course, there was a store where you could purchase sets. We didn't want to have to carry boxes around and knew that we could just order them on Amazon and have them delivered to our house. My son likes the Creator sets better than anything because he gets instructions on how to make 3 different items in one kit.

The Lego Fest is set up in 4 hour time segments. When you buy a ticket, you either go from 4-8 on Friday evening or 2 different 4-hour segments on Saturday or Sunday. I guess I can see why they do this, but it would be fun to get to stay for as long as we wanted. I was concerned that we wouldn't be able to bring food in, so I didn't pack any. I saw other people with food, so I think they allow it. The food at the concession area was fairly good. The prices were OK, not cheap, but not exorbitant either.

I knew the day was successful when my son woke up the next morning and said that he wished he hadn't gone. This was a little alarming to me until he told me that "everything else will be boring today compared to how much fun I had last night." This brought a smile to my face and also a determination to get this boy to the Lego Fest again next year. :)

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