Inexpensive math curriculum.

by Lyn
(Darlington, SC)

One of the things I did for math in the lower grades was to get a cheap notebook from Wal-mart and then write out my childrens math curriculum. I looked online at the things they needed to learn before starting Pre-Algebra and then I wrote out lessons for them in the notebooks. Before each lesson I wrote out how to do the lesson and gave examples. They then had a couple pages of problems to work. Being that it was the lower grades the concepts were fairly easy for them to understand so that they could work independently. And for the ones they stumbled on I would just explain in further detail to them. Also, I left several pages blank in the back of the notebook so that I could give them additional problems if they needed more help in a certain area.

My response: This is a great idea of how you can trade some of your time for money. Yes, it took you some time to write out those pages, but you must have had some motivation to do it. Either you wanted to save money or you wanted to tailor a curriculum to your child.

This also reminded me of the Holey Cards that we used to use. You slip a piece of paper behind a page of math problems. They write the answers in the holes. The Holey Card is reuseable but gives lots of good facts practice. You can get them in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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