In the Hands of a Child

by Tammy Smith
(New Bern, NC)

I love the products from "In the Hands of a Child"! The studies are put together very thoughtfully, completely, morally, and the activities are easy to do with common everyday things around the house.

All you need if you get the e-book is a printer and school supplies and your time... The lessons are easy to go over quickly before teaching your students,they are interesting and keep the children's attention, fun to do and very informative, and the activities always go back to the lesson learned that day....

There are all different subjects and age groups, so there is something for everyone! So far, there is nothing I have found that I don't like, it just fits soo very well with my family! I have high school ,middle school, & grade school so there is a wide variety to choose from!

Oh, and my children prefer the material over text books and actually not only look forward to learning, but they DO learn more because they are sooo interested in it! WOW!

I highly recommend "In the Hands of a Child" materials to anyone that is looking for a hands on, interesting, creative, easy to prepare curriculum that teaches fully and completely.

My Comments: Thanks for this review. I have used the Kirsten American Girl mini lapbook from them with my daughter. I love having everything laid out for me when it comes to lapbooks. They have some great materials at Hands of a Child.

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