How to Make Extra Money as a Mom

As a homeschool mom, I was always looking for the formula of how to make extra money successfully. My husband is a teacher and we have lived on one salary for over 22 years. Trying many different ways to earn money over the years never netted me much income, but it was always a dream of mine to help other moms be able to stay home with their children.

My home business story:

how to make extra money

Some of the avenues I tried included at least 18 different MLM opportunities. You would think that I would learn that those didn't work, but I just kept thinking that one of them HAD to work. The problem with Multi Level Marketing companies, besides living in a low population and low income area, is that if the items being sold, or something similar, could be purchased at a local discount store, there was no way for me to be successful. When I sold products that were unique but took 90 days to work, people gave up or didn't even get started.

I sold some things on ebay for a while but then my supply was no longer available or time didn't allow for me to hunt down the bargains. Selling things through home parties didn't appeal to me either because I didn't like the thought of people having to pay 25% more for something just so that I could earn a commission.

Where is the extra money?

After all these years, I never really made much money and I still didn't know how to make extra money that would significantly help our family. Although I was thankful for the time I was able spend with my children, I kept thinking that I could certainly use my talents and passions to make some extra money as my children grew older.

Blogging and writing for my homeschool website was another option I tried. It was a LOT of work (and still is!). Although it was fun helping and encouraging other homeschoolers, it still didn't really net me more than a couple hundred dollars a month. Then the google Panda and Penguin slaps happened and the website took a huge hit that I'm still trying to recover.

Through all these years we encountered various health problems which spurred an interest in natural remedies. Homeopathics and supplements became a big part of our life as did healthy eating. As my children became teenagers the healthy eating became harder, but we still try. I still had a passion to help people so whether I was helping someone get started with homeschooling or helping them get information about how to feel better, I was feeling somewhat fulfilled. The nagging dream in the back of my mind about helping people learn how to make extra money from home was still there, although not yet realized.

Homeschool Mom Success Story - She Learns How to Make Extra Money

Almost two years ago, I finally came upon the right combination of factors that helped me finally earn an income from my efforts. The truth is that I have never been this successful with any business before and have never made this much money. I have a great team to work with and even better, I have a product that is unique, works fast, and that people are looking for with the current health care system. Not only am I able to help people with their physical pain, but I can help them with their financial pain too.

This is the perfect business for a homeschool mom because their family gets healthy, they can help their friends and family gain greater health, AND they can learn how to make extra money while homeschooling their children.

Key Ingredients on How to Become Successful in a Home Business:

  • Unique, consumable product that works quickly that is not available at a local retail store
  • A team of people who are successful who can lead you along the path they have used.
  • A product or concept that fills a need that many people have (i.e. people are dissolusioned with health care or are not getting the results they want from their doctor and are still in pain or suffering from a disease). My products have given amazing results, don't expire, and have allowed me to throw out all the medicine in my house since it hasn't been used in the last 18 months.

Join me in my success . . .

I am thankful that I have been able to work from home all these years and am now in the position to offer you an income opportunity. If you are looking to be able to work from home and earn a good income, please contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview. Serious inquiries only please!


* Must enjoy helping people.

* Must be teachable and willing to learn.

* Have experience with social media along with internet access with computer or mobile device.

Hours are flexible.

Please pray about this opportunity and then, if you feel led, send me a  message and I will share my phone number where you can call me. Again, serious inquiries only!

I look forward to speaking with you and possibly working with you in the future. - Heidi