Homeschool Science Academy

by Sherry

Greg Landry offers online science classes which can be used with students grades 6-12. He is a homeschooling dad of 14 years and also a professor of science at Appalachian State University, as well as a Christian who teaches from that perspective.

The classes can be viewed live or recorded, offering flexibility to both the student and the homeschooling family. He is interactive with the students by making his email and phone number available to them and their parents should they have any questions.

The kids love his personality. He emails the parents so they can keep up with their child's progress in class and he sends the kids a box of exciting tools to work with (hands-on) such as blood testing strips, crime-scene analysis, (my son is currently taking CSI with which Greg is using "Beyond the Boneyard" as text-which my son really enjoys reading).

This is truly the BEST science curriculum I have come across for my high-schooler, as it is both basic and career-oriented for those kids who are seriously considering CSI, medical school, etc.

Greg also offers free online seminars for both students and parents to help guide them through their choices of classes/career preparation. His classes count toward high school credits. I cannot say enough for Greg's method of teaching. He often quotes scripture to his classes to remind them of the fact that God is in control, and He expects us all to do our best!

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